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Die Knuipe

Goodbye Old Man Winter! Welcome Miss Spring!

Posted by Mervi on March 28, 2018 at 7:50 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Hartmuth

Dear friends! Although the weather gods seem to be unaware of what season it is I declare the Spring season in our Knuipe opened!

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Yeo
2:20 AM on April 24, 2018 
444 :D
Reply Yeo
2:19 AM on April 24, 2018 
Reply Yeo
2:19 AM on April 24, 2018 
My mindestens are today by the victims of the car-attac in Toronto.
That's so terrible...
Reply Yeo
2:16 AM on April 24, 2018 
Good morning dear all!

Breakfast and coffee are ready. I have today and tomorrow vacation. For tomorrow I have planned a trip in the zoo. Keep cross the fingers, that the weather will be not so bad and and rainy!

@ Ralph
I wish you a wonderful time in Gelsenkirchen.

Today is gardentime. The rain must wait.
I wish you all a beautiful morning!
Reply Ludmila
3:43 PM on April 23, 2018 
I heard about attack in Toronto too. It is terrible.
You had a good day with Lara and Nanook-

Die Schnecken haben die neue Pfkanze, die wir aus Keukenhof gebracht haben, aufgefressen. Grrr.... Wir haben für die Nacht Bier gestellt :)
We had the sunny day
Reply Mervi
3:38 PM on April 23, 2018 
Chris - I'm glad I'm not suffering from pollen allergy. This time of the year must be awful for everybody suffering from it.

Dave - Even I read the terrible news from Toronto. There are no secure places in this world anymore.
Reply Chris
2:56 PM on April 23, 2018 
DAVE - I´ve heard of an attack in Toronto... :(
Reply Chris
2:45 PM on April 23, 2018 

MERVI - in the evening we had the sun again.
No drop of rain. Mein Auto ist gelb von Pollen.

RALPH - thank you for your report !
Nanook is a brave Bärchen, swimming so early.

BRITTA, LUDMILA - ich habe noch keine Schnecken
gesehen - bei mir halten sie sich bis jetzt zurück.

How about a refreshing drink at Uncle Sergejs bar ?

Reply Mervi
1:52 PM on April 23, 2018 
Britta-Gudrun - Tor hasn't visited us yet and the sky looks very blue so I guess he cancelled his plans. :D

Ralph - Thank you for the reports from Gelsenkirchen! I can imagine you've had a perfect polar bear day again. :D
Reply ralph
12:33 PM on April 23, 2018 
The way to the Polar Bears can be made quicker by ignoring the suggested route and going from the exit along that route into Alaska world. I was lucky to see a lot of Nanook and Lara all day as well as Bill and Antonia.
By the way, a keeper told me that the vet had started calling the cub Nanook before her gender was known and they were glad it stuck. In the 1991 film
Alaska a local Inuit calls the bear cub little Nanook.
Nanook is already swimming and diving after just a week on the enclosure. Lara is a strict mother but of course loving and gentle as well. The cub has no fear of people at the glass and follows Lara when she charges at dogs who are too close to the glass
Reply ralph
12:26 PM on April 23, 2018 
After saying goodbye to Monika in the Tierpark yesterday I stayed until nearly closing time watching Tonja and Wolodja curled up and fast asleep. After visiting an old friend I went to the Hauptbahnhof to catch an overnight train to Essen. The ticket came from Deutsche Bahn online and they even gave me cheap upgrade to First Class. I arrived after changing to a local train in Gelsenkirchen in time to find an Ibis Hotel in the centre of town. The E301 tram runs like in Rostock from a U Bahn station und er the HBF main railway station.
Reaching Zoo at 9 I decided to go for the Dauerkarte for 79 Euros which will allow me to visit until next April.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
12:25 PM on April 23, 2018 
Happy Birthday Christine!
Happy Birthday Gudrun, die du immer so liebevolle Berichte aus dem Bärenwald in Müritz schreibst.
Euch beiden alles Liebe und Gute im neuen Lebensjahr!

TBM euch beiden auch gute Besserung und endlich Fruehling.

Ludmila, bei mir halten sich die Schnecken noch vornehm zurueck.
Auf Dankbarkeit bei den Igeln fuer ihr kostenloses Katzenfutter darfst du
nicht hoffen - auch Igel machen es sich gerne am Futterplatz bequem, anstatt Schnecken zu suchen.

CHris, das Video mit Lara aus Gelesenkirchen ist entzückend und die Kleine ist genauso frech wie Quintana, die auch gerne ihrer Mama mal in die Nase gebissen und nach ihr geschlagen hat.
Ralph wird seine Freude an ihr haben.

Mervi, ich hoffe, dass Tor heute Abend / Nacht friedlich ist.
Reply Mervi
11:53 AM on April 23, 2018 
Chris - We were predicted rain and thunder but the sun is still shining. :D
Reply Yeo
8:16 AM on April 23, 2018 
Happy Birthday to you, Gudrun and Christine!
Reply Chris
7:55 AM on April 23, 2018 

Bis jetzt sind wir von den Gewittern verschont geblieben.
Aber der Garten könnte Wasser gebrauchen.

LUDMILA - Du hattest eine sehr kurze Nacht.
Ich liebe Oper - Blaubart habe ich noch nicht gesehen.

MERVI - in den nächsten Tagen soll es hier auch wieder
kühler werden - bei uns blüht schon der Flieder.

RALPH - are you in Gelsenkirchen now?

TBM - weiter gute Besserung!
Reply Mervi
7:30 AM on April 23, 2018 

Ludmila - I hope you'll get soon rid of the uninvited snails.
Reply Ludmila
7:11 AM on April 23, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
We feed the hedgehogs, but I am afraid they are not interested in snails :)
How was your week end? We did a lot of gardening on Saturday :)
Erholst Du Dich nach dem Geburtstag?
Reply Mervi
5:12 AM on April 23, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - even though it's getting cooler I got very warm during our morning walk. The trees are clearly turning green and we saw many flowers in full bloom.

Britta-Gudrun - We're expecting heavy rain and maybe even thunder in the afternoon. A touch of thunder would make the air feel very fresh so I don't mind if I have to hear some 'growling of Tor'. (Tor is the god of thunder in the Nordic mythology).

Teddybärenmutti - I wish you both a speedy recovery so you can soon sing sweet songs in duetto. :D

Ludmila - Oh bear, that really was a short night for you! However, you enjoyed the opera so I guess that compensates the lack of sleep. :D - Have you the so called 'murderer snails' in your garden?

In KWM you'll find a report from the Antwerp Zoo with a video by our friends Jos & Cecile and text by Mamselleken Patricia.

I hope everybody's had a good start of this week. Enjoy your Monday!
Reply Ludmila
4:29 AM on April 23, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Ich wünsche Dir und TBV gute Besserung.
We were yesterday in Berlin in the Komische Opera at "Blaubart". It was funny and frivolous. We arrived home about 2am, the night was short. I need a pot of strong Herkules now :)
Bei uns hat sehr stark geregnet um 5 Uhr am Morgen. Ich bin wach geworden und nach den Katzen gerufen. Minka und Ferdi sind schreiend nach Hause gekommen. Heute früh haben wir erst einen Haufen Schnecken von den Tulpen gesammelt. Wir kaufen heute Bierfallen.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:07 AM on April 23, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Chris - Nachträglich alles gute zumGeburtstag.

Mein flu ist schon fast geganggen auch TBV hatte Flu. Nun husten wir im Duett.
Wir hatten Gäste am Wochenende, so ich hatte nicht Zeit hier zu besuchen.
Hier ist es grau und kalt.