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Snow in Ranua - green leaves in Berlin

Posted by Mervi on April 12, 2017 at 12:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! It's Spring now although it doesn't look the same everywhere. We can for example compare photos from Berlin and Ranua and see the big difference. No matter what kind of Spring you're having - it's again Easter! Of course, I have made a little story for this thread.

Polar bear cubs' first Easter

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Mervi
10:40 AM on April 24, 2017 
Ralph - Congratulations for the new 'toy'! :D - I have no problems either filling my days after my retirement. On the contrary, it seems to me there's no time enough! :D

Ludmila - I hope Minka is speaking to you.

Knuti-Judi - I wish you a good Monday and a good week, too.

Teddybärenmutti - Thank you for the information of Juuso. I'll make a little article for KWM later today.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
9:06 AM on April 24, 2017 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Juuso ist wach. Er wiegt nun 400 Kilos. Als fruehstueck frass er Honig, Birnen und Äpfe.
Währen Winterruhe feierte er sein 18er geburtstag.
Alles Gute liebe Juuso
Reply knuti-judi
8:59 AM on April 24, 2017 
Hallo, dears....

A ☀️ Monday morning here....

Hope everyone is having a good start of the week!
Reply Ludmila
7:33 AM on April 24, 2017 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Your last purchase is lovely.
I fight with the evy lianas too. They grow very fast.
Today we managed to give Minka the anti flea drops. Minka growled.
Ring-tailed lemurs are always cute :)
It is Monday again.
Our hedgehogs eat very well. They woke up too early because it was too warm in March. I hope they will come through the cold time now.
Our cats like to go out despite of the cold weather. Muffin likes to annoy Wasja. She is ready to fight with him. I try to prevent the fights :) In the night Muffin and Ferdi come to me and want to show how nice they are :)
Reply RALPs_recommandation
7:12 AM on April 24, 2017 
Reply ralph
5:12 AM on April 24, 2017 
My latest purchase and something I would commend for Polar Bear fans
young and old is the PLAYMOBIL 9056 Polar Ranger mit Eisbaeren. A
Polar mother and cub are included in the set.
The latest pictures of Malik and her cubs from Aalborg have really got my
enthusiasm up for the trip in May.
I was hoping to go to Doncaster tomorrow, but the bad weather that has set
in for the next few days has led to a brief postponement, either to Friday
or next Tuesday, and even then it is still rather bleak.
I am lucky though as unlike some old people I do not seem to get bored
and have "time on my hands". There is fortunately still too many things I
want to do and enjoy!-just like my Kati
Reply Mervi
5:12 AM on April 24, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - this week has started with a very grey Monday but here in our Knuipe the sun is always shining. :D

Dumba - The breakfast today is both yammy and healthy! :D - I hope the weather in the CCC is better than here in Malmö.

Bärgit - I had a good laugh at the 'Michelin alien'. :D

Inge - Thank you for the emails. Please, forward my best greetings to Lone when you're in touch with her.

Chris - The lemur couple is adorable!

Britta-Gudrun - I'm sure we are all relieved by the outcome of the election in France. Maybe there's hope for Europe!

In KWM you can meet Malik teaching her twins how to swim. I wish you all a good start of this week!
Reply Dumba
3:56 AM on April 24, 2017 
A sunny morning in the CCC
Wishing you a wonderful new week, DEARs!

Let's start with a healthy and colorful looking 'drink':
Und natürlich einen heissen fluessigen Muntermacher dazu:

- - -

MERVI - Thank you very much for quick action
ALL/e - Thanks for your reaction and feedback to the KWM-reports

DEARs, let's hope and pray for a good final outcome of the election in France!!!
Den perfekten Kandidaten gibt es wohl nirgends,
also aber bitte wenigstens mit Lernfaehigkeit und Potential!
Die MEhrheit duerfte sich hier sicher einig sein . . . Hope so!

Have a splendid day and sun and joy ALL WEEK
Reply Chris
3:13 AM on April 24, 2017 
CUTIES http://tinyurl.com/lhoyllm
wünschen euch einen guten Srart in
die neue Woche. Bei uns scheint die
Sonne - es sieht gut aus für den Tag.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
2:41 AM on April 24, 2017 
Guten Morgen!
Mit dieser beruhigenden Nachricht aus Frankreich koennen wir einigermassen
entspannt in die neue Woche starten.

Dumba, danke fuer den tollen Zoobericht mit den lieben Knutfreunden.
Ich lese spaeter noch intensiver.

Allen liebe Gruesse
Reply Chris
7:45 PM on April 23, 2017 
Diesmal wird es gut ausgehen,
ich glaube ganz fest daran. :)

GUTS NÄCHTLE alle :wave:
Reply Bärgit
6:50 PM on April 23, 2017 
Chris - An deiner Überlegung ist was dran, aber seit N° 45 bin ich vorsichtig mit logischen Einschätzungen geworden.
Once bitten, twice burnt.

Good night and sweet dreams, Ihr Lieben!
Reply Chris
5:24 PM on April 23, 2017 
Die Stichwahl gewinnt er auf jeden Fall.
Denn er wird die Stimmen der Linken
bekommen, die werden nie Le Pen
wählen. Sie hat keine Reserven...

INGE - alles Gute nach Copenhagen!
Reply Bärgit
4:18 PM on April 23, 2017 
Chris, Mervi - Noch ist Frankreich nicht verloren.
Hoping the Stichwahl will confirm today's vote.

Mervi - Well I had to be 'dragged' into the garden. But as a Michelin alien I was warm and with my ivy fury I felt quite comfortable :D
Well, I do like the flowers and the 'green stuff around the house" but it takes a lot of attention not to turn into a complete jungle.

Ludmila - It it weren't for the trees I'd just let it grow. I don't want them to die by suffocating.

Inge - Your energy impresses me a lot. Is the zoo just around the block since you often pass by despite a lot of jobs to do - with the everstarving, your garden and your friend.
Reply Mervi
4:07 PM on April 23, 2017 
Chris - I agree, it's looking good in France!

Ludmila - Oh cat, birds offending Muffin! I can understand he was very upset! :D

Bärgit - My fingers are everything but green so I can't give you any advice about gardening. However, I know the green stuff on the ground is called grass .... :D

Inge - Hurray, Nöel and Nord are still in good terms with each other. Very promising!

Patricia, Yeo, Leti - I hope you've all had a pleasant Sunday!
Reply Inge aus Cph
3:53 PM on April 23, 2017 
Mervi, lots of greetings to Malmö. In a few minutes I send you a mail.

Happy Birthday Christine and Gudrun

A,cold day with sun here. I was by "my" patient and again very very shortly by Nöel and Nord, they were relaxing side by side - head to head. She brown he white.

All the best for the next week to you all.
Reply Ludmila
3:47 PM on April 23, 2017 
Ich freue mich auch. Leider kommt noch Stichwahl
We have evy lianas too.
Reply Chris
3:37 PM on April 23, 2017 
Ick froi mir :)
Reply Bärgit
3:27 PM on April 23, 2017 
Hallo Ihr Lieben!

:) Happy Birthday, dear Christine and Gudrun :)

Since both of you love travelling Tommi and I would like to wish you Happy Trails whereever you go.

Hugs and Happy Howls!

Mervi - Was it walking or resting or both?

Dumba - I enjoyed your report and I will enjoy it again later and add a thank-you-note.

It was dancing, eating out and gardening today. This time I potted the sunflower seeds and other seeds like capucine cress, nigella, calendula hoping they will not end up in the bellies of hungry birds :D And I tried to rescue some trees from suffocating by cutting and tearing off the evy liana. Sometimes it made my feel like Jane inviting Tarzan when I ripped off a line-long ivy part. I wish our most talented Polar gardeners could have helped me.

Let's have a Gardener's Delight!
Reply Chris
3:24 PM on April 23, 2017 
Ludmila - mit zwei Katern ist immer schwierig. ;)