Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Alex!


Dear Alex,

Tosca, Kati and I wish you a very happy birthday. My friends are still rehearsing the song so I have to sing alone....

Your friend Nancy


Our fluffy bear angel didn't forget your special day either.


On behalf of all Knut friends all over the world we wish you the best birthday ever!

Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle

Little Siri sends you her best greetings, too!


Happy Birthday, Alex!


Dear Alex,

Maybe you remember that your cake mysteriously vanished last year. Now Lady Pepper and I are taking no chances but have the cake delivered directly to you. If it should vanish again I have some crumbs of croissant and Pepper has saved a juicy bone .... just in case .....

Since your birthday also is the first day of a new year we arranged wonderful fireworks for you.

On behalf of all the Knutians in the whole world we wish you a very happy birthday!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober and his friend Lady Pepper


Dear Auntie Alex,

We have never met but I've been telling my mom and dad that a visit in Bärlin is a 'must' for a young member of the Wild Herde so maybe there's a chance for us to meet 'live' during the next year. Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts you have sent me.

Today is your birthday and I hope this day will be filled with joy and happiness. I don't know exactly how old - I mean how young you are because I'm a little confused when Knuma Mervi keeps telling me she's 25. I mean - soon I'll be older than she! Maybe she can't count so well .....

Your little friend Siri

Liebe Alex,

wie Du siehst kann kein noch so großer Frost mich davon abhalten, Dir auch im Auftrag von Knut, einen lieben Gruß zu senden.

Habe einen schönen Tag im Kreise Deiner Familie!

Und einen Spezialgruß an Pepper

von Eurer Annemarie

Happy Birthday, Alex!


Dear Alex,

I have the great pleasure to wish you, our first birthday child this year, a happy birthday! Pepper and I made a cake for you but after we had quality controlled it - it simply disappeared. We don't understand what happened!

We have a nice bottle of pink champagne and lovely roses for you. I hope you like our presents. I hope your special day will be filled with joy and happiness ... and lots of presents. I'm sure there will be a cake, too....

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

PS: The whole Knutian world is singing for you!



Happy Birthday, Alex!

Dear Alex,

You must have been one of the first babies born on the 1st of January 25 years ago.

The Knutians and I wish you a very happy birthday and also a happy new year! I hope this day will be very special for you. Don't hesitate - let everybody spoil you with cake and lots of presents. Ooops.. there was a little mishap with the cake....it disappeared! Some mysterious things are happening in the Knuipe....

Anyway, we are all singing for you!

Your humble servant, the Waiter