Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Agi!


Dear Agi,

It's a great honour and pleasure to wish you a happy birthday again.

Do you know what? I've bought all your books but I forgot a little detail - I can't read!!

 I asked the ladies in my enclosure to help me but they can't read either!

Well, I'm not a bear who lets the grass grow under his paws (if you can say so in the winter time, hihiii) so I decided to come to you. I hope you will read me - I'm already excited to hear all about the 'kleine Luchs'!

Oooops - I tried to read the map but I ended up in Seefeld! Can you coma and pick me up here?

Maybe - after I've, hmmm I mean you've eaten the cake - we can can have a cosy time reading together?

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

PS. All the bloggers in the Knuipe are joining me when I sing Happy Birthday to You!




Happy Birthday, Agi!


Dear Agi,

La Donna and I want to wish you a very happy birthay. Does the background look familiar to you, hihiii? We don't understand why everybody's running away when they see us coming. I mean - we are just two cute, friendly polar bears! I wonder if there's any bakery in this village - we had a little mishap with the cake. It vanished again!

We want your birthday to be a merry day so we hired an orchestra to play your favourite music. Gianna and I are dancing Wienerwalz and hope you will join us!

On behalf of all the visitors in the Knuipe,

Your humble servant, Herr Ober


Happy Birthday, Agi!


Dear Agi!

Look, I'm so close to you! Can you tell me to what direction I must go now? I want to bring you these roses and congratulate you on your special day! I had a cake, too, but maybe you've heard that I'm famous for my quality controls....so somehow the cake vanished...

Well, I hope you can hear the whole Knutian world joddling Happy Birthday to you!

Your humble servant, the Waiter

 Oh boy, I found a short cut....Bergisel!